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The DEIMILLE brand was born from an entrepreneurial idea of ​​Pasquale and Giovanni Della Pia, owners of Della Pia shoe factory, for three generations, since 1929, in the footwear production for the major luxury brands. Over the years, the Della Pia brothers have reached many licensing agreements with internationally renowned luxury footwear brands. The Arzano Della Pia srl ​​factory has a daily production capacity of about 400 pairs.


Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technologies and machinery, the Della Pia shoe factory positions itself in the luxury footwear segment. The history of the shoe factory demonstrates how the values ​​of Industry 4.0 can also involve sectors where the “art of craftsmanship” is still essential to ensure a quality product, appreciated all over the world. Continuous research and innovation are the key to success: research and innovation in style, in design software, in prototyping, in materials.


The secret that makes Della Pia Group constantly growing, both technically and professionally, consists in respecting a value map of 9 basic concepts


Personal skills are important, but not sufficient. Everyone needs to feel part of a team that aims at the same goal. In this sense, it is necessary that the production of a shoe resembles a symphony: every musician must not only perform his score perfectly, but must be ready to cover-up, if necessary, the mistake of his colleague making it irrelevant to the final result.


The technical qualities are the basis of the final quality. In fact, the staff is selected only after a careful screening that identifies the skills and craftsmanship.


In order to aim for flawless execution, compliance with production and delivery times are essential.


The life of the factory is marked by constant rhythms that cannot be slowed down. It is necessary that the established method is applied in the ways and times that allow execution and control


Before starting a production process, a planning phase is essential that includes the execution of the project, the best solution in order to implement it and any possible obstacle.


A company that looks to the future thinks about the training of new employees. The passage, from one generation to the next, of the secrets of know-how is essential for the development of new perspectives for the future.


Before using leathers and raw materials in general, there is a careful phase of control and selection. This allows to prevent any defects, of the leather or other components, before they are actually processed.


Making mistakes is human, but if you are attentive and focused, mistakes will be minimized. The construction of the shoe is an art similar to painting: a brushstroke out of context can distort the meaning of a painting.

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